Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 11 - Maija Lepore

Day 11 of our 12 days of Christmas exchange belongs to a sweetheart of a gal, Maija Lepore, who recently moved to Littleton, CO. 

I think I've already mentioned what a tough year it's been for so many of our friends in this group. Maija has had a tremendously difficult year. My heart goes out to you, Maija, and I pray that better days are ahead for you and your family. 

Maija is such a trooper. She realized that she could not possibly deal with making ornaments herself this year, so she paid an artist friend to make ornaments on her behalf. Maija, we love you unconditionally and we appreciate your generosity and diligence to carry on with this exchange in spite of everything you are dealing with.

True to Maija's sparkling and fun personality, she commissioned these super precious, sparkly, vintage style paper ornaments to be made for us this year. They are beautiful and fun, just like she is. Mine glistens and shimmers in the lights of my tree...and makes me think of the glistening snow that is falling on your doorstep up there in Littleton, CO. Colorado is my absolute favorite place to visit, especially in the winter!

Jenny Holiday, Maija's friend, is the artist who made these darling ornaments. I love her style and the beautiful touches she added to this charming snow-kissed house.

Thank you, Maija, and Jenny, for this precious and sweet ornament. Take care of yourself, sweet Maija girl, and remember that you are in my prayers. May God bless you ever so graciously this Christmas!

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