Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's almost time again! The 12 days of Christmas ornament exchange...2012

Hi everyone! I can't believe another year has slipped by. As you can see, I haven't updated this blog in quite a while. We have devoted much of our time this year to being volunteer puppy raisers for Southeastern guide dogs, Inc. out of Palmetto, FL.  We started a blog last year to document our adventures in puppy raising, and when we got our first puppy, Smokey, in March 2011, he pretty much took over our lives and our blogging energies. If you have time, stop by Smokey's blog for some fun stories and lots of great pictures.

Smokey - the guide-dog-pup-in-training

But, it's time to crank this blog back up again - because it's time for our annual 12 days of Christmas exchange!  As some of you may remember from last year, this is an exchange of handmade Christmas ornaments made by a group of 12 artists pals from across the US (and one from Mexico). We have been doing this swap for several years now and we all look forward to this beloved swap. Not only do we love the creative process involved with designing, constructing and producing 13 original Christmas ornaments to give away to our friends, but we also get to ring in the season with artistic flair by revealing each artist's creation, one per day, starting Dec 1st - Dec 12th.  There is no theme, no media requirements for this swap - each person just creates from the heart and shares a little piece of themselves in the process. Could it be any more special than that?!?

The 2010 collection

We usually start opening the ornaments Dec 1st but this year so many of our group have had severe illness or life stresses that have forced us to get a bit behind schedule. So this year, we are pushing back our opening date to Dec 5th.  This compromise was a good fit for our team this year - who needs more stress on this most joyous of holidays?  So a few more days were allowed for finishing touches and to get the gifts wrapped deliciously and popped into the US Mail.

The 2010 collection revealed

Below is a list of the artists who participate in this exchange each year. This year, we have an additional 13th player who was called in as a surrogate for our host, Deryn, who unexpectedly developed problems in both shoulders preventing her from finishing her ornament on time. So, we are excited to have Diane Cook join us this year!   Also included below are links to each artist's blog. Be sure to check out their blogs, they are awesome, and always have great tips and detailed instructions for making their ornaments. 

Day 1 (to be opened Dec 5th):        Ruth Rae                   
Day 3 (to be opened Dec 6th):        Kelly Snelling           
Day 4 (to be opened Dec 7th):        Joanna Pierotti          
Day 5 (to be opened Dec 8th):        Pilar Pollack                           

Day 7 (to be opened Dec 9th):        Melissa David                     
Day 8 (to be opened Dec 10th):     Crystal Neubauer               
Day 9 (to be opened Dec 11th):      Sally Turlington                 
Day 10 (to be opened Dec 12th):    Lou McCulloch               
Day 11 (to be opened Dec 13th):    Danita Art                       
Day 12 (to be opened Dec 14th):    Diane Cook                      
Day 13 (to be opened Dec 15th):    Deryn Mentock 

Day  2 (to be opened Dec 16th):     Maija Lepore    
Day  6 (to be opened Dec 17th):     Jackie Allison              

2010 Christmas angel ornaments

Be sure to check back daily starting Dec 5th - Dec 17th and follow along as each of the 2011 ornament exchanges are opened and revealed!  See you then...

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