Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the 3rd day of Christmas - Joanna Pierotti

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas exchange is here - and another ornament is ready to be unwrapped. This one is from Joanna Pierotti, who lives in Peoria, AZ. Joanna is one of my favorite artists and I always look forward to seeing her creations.

Joanna is another gal that wraps her gifts very uniquely. This year, she wrapped her gifts in a tiny vintage envelope. This is not a reproduction - it's the real thing - with the original US postage stamp still affixed and a postmark date of Feb 4, 1922.

Inside, there was another layer of wrapping -- tea dyed cheesecloth -- with a ribbon made of vintage hem tape, and a vintage button closure.

Inside is a wonderful soldered ornament with the image of a doll hidden under faceted glass. Joanna makes the most wonderful dolls and this personalized ornament is a perfect reflection of Joanna's multifaceted talents...

There is a ghostly image of a doll appearing as through a mirror which is very kewl - she's appears to be almost floating....

and the sweet and dainty bundle of antique lace and ribbon at the bottom is the perfect juxtaposition of the hard glass pendant. 

Hard and soft. Metal and lace. Vintage and totally exquisite! Thank you my friend... I will cherish my doll forever!

Yall be sure to check out Joanna's blog. She shares her talents with so many through workshops, online classes, etc and has had her work published in many places.  Joanna has written an online tutorial with instructions on how she made these lovely check it out..

Check back tomorrow for more....

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