Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 8 - Lou McCulloch

Day 8 of our 12 days of Christmas exchange comes from Lou McCulloch, who lives in Medina, OH.  Lou's ornament arrived in a tiny paper envelope made from a page of German text. She added a sweet hand made gift tag.

 The envelope wrapper is open on one end, so Lou's ornie came tumbling out when I opened the mailing envelope. I tried not to look as I stuffed the tiny ornament back in it's sheath like a hot potato (we mustn't peak before the allotted date)!

 When the appointed opening date for Lou's gift finally arrived, I found that Lou had another little coin-sized envelope tucked inside.

Ooo, la la!  It's a beautiful domino! Lou put a teeny tiny image on the front of the domino, along with a border of the same german text that she used for wrapping.

Just look at all the sparkles!

And what a clever idea to use a tiny bulldog clip as a hanger! Lou added a few select beads for a festive touch.

It's true...beautiful things really do come in small packages -- and this ornament is no exception!  Thanks, Lou! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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