Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celebrating Christmas...

with my Monday afternoon ladies fellowship bible study group.
We always have a pot-luck luncheon and party at Christmas time. The "re-gift" gift exchange is a tradition... and only then is stealing okay! And stealing is what makes it fun...
Jan taking a good look at which gift she wants to pick...
 Oh, look what Linda got!
 Sharon is all smiles with that horseshoe around her neck...hmm.. can I try that?
 Jan sitting sweetly beside Shirley's beautiful tree.
Don't be fooled by her innocent grin - she likes to steal the best gifts!
Look! Mariko got a glass platter... but not for long because Sharon stole it!
oooohhh..Kuniko got a warm and cozy blankie...
And then showed some attitude when someone tried to steal it from her!
Now, Miss Pemba was really proud of the doggie picture frames she stole from Cindy. But Cindy got even later in the game and stole them back!  I tried to get Pemba to pose with the gifts she eventually got stuck with  - but she refused (inside joke people). Maybe someday she'll give them to me so I can make dolls out of them for her. Really cute dolls. Uh huh. Yeah.
Shirley is so proud of the light up musical Santa/Snowman toy she got for her son... Now, what is Santa doing exactly?  Just look at his face!  I'm not telling but it is hilarious...and Mr.Snowman is waving his hands around for some really good reason.....good thing this isn't smell-a-blog or you could figure it out!
 We always have such fun singing at Christmas time. Shirley plays the piano so beautifully. We sing all our favorite carols and hymns and...
 ...the twelve days of Christmas, complete with gestures and poses and giggles. Can you tell what day of Christmas this strange pose is supposed to be? Are those geese a layin? Cindy looks confused...just what the heck are yall doin?
We are blessed every year when our 3 sweet friends from Japan sing Silent Night in their native language. They are all three beautiful ladies and they sing so sweetly about our blessed Savior's birth!
I got to hold Shirley's dog Kupert for most of the afternoon. He is a mama's boy and usually stays put in Shirley's lap during our meetings.
Isn't he sweet?
Shirley was so sweet to give each of us a Christmas music box ornament - each a little different - each play a holiday tune that coordinates with the figurine inside the globe. Mine is a nutcracker. It plays "the dance of the sugar plum fairy"...
Once we figured out our tunes, Shirley made us all sing them aloud together. All singing our own songs. All at the same time. Oh, Shirley. What a riot you are!
Last but not least, we always take a group photo every year at our Christmas party. We had a few members missing from our party this year, but we had alot of fun. Shirley's husband was gone, so Shirley went outside searching for some kind soul on the street to come inside and take our group photo so we could get everyone in the picture. Much to our surprise, after a few minutes she came dragging in the trash collection guy to do the honors!! Needless to say, we got a good chuckle out of that, and offered him some of our holiday cookies in return for his good deed! That is sooooo Shirley!!
And thank you for "volunteering", kind sir. You are a great photographer!! This gentleman will remain nameless and I have purposefully hidden his identity to protect the innocent...

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