Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 7th day of Christmas...

the famously talented artist, teacher and author,  Ruth Rae from Claremont, CA made for me...
A fabulously wrapped gift -- all Ruth's hand dyed muslin - with a hand stamped and sewn pillow shaped gift tag...
And inside - another layer of cool wrapping. More hand-dyed lace and a hand stitched heart closure. Ruth's gifts always come packaged in multi-layers of wrapping with lots of rich fibers and textures - her specialty - yum!
And look what's inside! It's a wooden block ornament, about 4x5 in size, that Ruth has completely covered with her marvelous collage work.  Paint, vintage papers, hand stamping, wire work, vintage buttons, etc - surround each and every side of this precious ornament.
This is the front side of Ruth's ornament. See the free-motion sewn and quilted pillow on the front of the block?  The focal point which says "FAITH"?  Also note the nails she used to attach the little pillow to the wooden block? What a purposeful symbol and reminder of Christ's sacrifice for us. What a blessed reminder to each of us that without Faith and without HIM we would have nothing; we would be nothing!  He is the reason for Christmas!
This is the back of the ornament. Don't you love all the details here?  Look closely - there are lots of layers! I especially love that wire wrapped embellishment with all the stacked vintage buttons! It's obvious that Ruth put so much love and lots of time into these beautiful treasures for each of us. Thank you Ruth!
Please take a moment to go read Ruth's blog. She has published a tutorial on how she made these very kewl ornaments. Check it out! You willl also find links to Ruth's publications, classes, and info about where you can purchase Ruth's art.

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