Friday, December 3, 2010

More glimpses of christmas past...

This mixed media ornament is from 2007. Etched metal techniques were used along with other techniques, including deconstruction of a vintage compass to house the focal image.

A feature article was written about our group in Somerset Studio that holiday season, so you will see this ornament along with all the other ornaments in print in the Nov/Dec 07 issue.


  1. Mel, I am so happy you are blogging now. It looks perfect!!! Sorry about your camera. That's a bummer. Had that happen to me before. Thankfully the prices of cameras have really come down. Do you have a camera on your cell phone?

    I'm enjoying your blog so much. Can't wait to open another of your amazing ornaments.


  2. Thanks,Joanna - I'm taking to blogging very quickly - can't believe I waited so long to join in the fun. I am headed out to buy a new camera today! Guess what I'm getting for Christmas? LOL...