Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 6th day of Christmas...

I received from my dear friend, Jackie Allison, from The Woodlands, TX ...
For starters, this cute little Santa Hat bag -- but this is just the gift bag! Jackie always has such clever ideas for unique gift-wrapping, and this is just great!  She told me that these little hats were cut from a Christmas pennant style valance. She cleverly cut the pennants apart and sewed them into santa hats, complete with jingle bell on the pointed end of the pennant. She added a precious vintage Christmas tree pin to the ribbon closure. It's a gift in itself and I plan on hanging this cute little santa hat as an ornament in itself.
But look what is inside!  It's a vintage frozen charlotte ornament!  This is so beautiful, Jackie! Jackie is a whiz on ebay and she can find (and win!) the most unique vintage objects-de-art to assemble into one-of-a-kind pieces.
I love the details of this ornament. The vintage tin is wonderful and I love how the tiny charlotte doll rests in the center, almost floating on her angel wings. I love the delicate golf leaf that Jackie applied inside the tin ...and the star placed over her head is the perfect touch - she is an angel.
Look at the vintage hanging rhinestone tassel and mirror clip - don't they make a clever dangle?  It's the perfect touch to a beautiful ornament. I love it!!
Thank you Jackie!! 

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